Estadio Azteca

Estadio Azteca is the largest proper football stadium in the world with a capacity of 104,000 seats. The stadium is home to Club América.

The stadium was built in the 1960s to accommodate the growing support of Club América and to provide Mexico with a flagship stadium for the upcoming World Cup.

The stadium got designed by architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez after a careful study of and visits to the most famous European stadiums of that time. The construction of the stadium, which took a total of 4 years, was not easy due to the hard volcanic land full of rocks on which the stadium was planned to be built.

The stadium opened on the 29th of May 1966 with a friendly match between home side América and Italian side Torino (2-2).

At the 1970 World Cup the stadium hosted a total of 10 matches, among which a semi-final and the final between Brazil and Italy (4-1).

Sixteen years later the Estadio Azteca again hosted a World Cup final. Before the 1986 World Cup the stadium had received a refurbishment to make it FIFA-proof, and during the tournament the stadium would host 9 matches, among which the famous quarter-final between Argentina and England (2-1), a semi-final, and the final between Argentina and Germany (3-2).

Due to safety measures the capacity of the stadium, which could hold 115,000 spectators in 1986, has been slightly reduced to its current total of 104,000.

Getting there

The Estadio Azteca lies in the south of Mexico City, about 15 kilometres from the historic city centre.

The stadium can be reached by light rail, which can be taken from metro station Tasqueña. Tasqueña is also the last station on metro line 2, which passes Mexico City’s historic city centre (e.g. stations Bellas Artes, Allende, and Zocalo). Change at Tasqueña from the metro to the light rail, which looks very similar to the metro, and get off at station Estadio Azteca.

If arriving by car, the stadium can be reached by driving all the way south over the large Avenida Tlalpan, which originates in the historic centre. Stay right of the metro and light rail tracks and the stadium will show up on your right.

Alternatively the stadium can be reached from the Anillo Pereférico ring road, which passes just south of the stadium. Take the exit named Estadio Azteca.

Address: Calzada de Tlalpan 3465, Col. Santa Úrsula Coapa, Distrito Federal 04650


Tickets for Club América matches can be bought online via Ticketmaster, or at the ticket booths at the stadium.

Tickets can furthermore be bought at the gates of the stadium on the day of the match. Due to the size of the stadium América sells out few matches.

Stadium tours

Estadio Azteca offers stadium tours that include access to the dressing rooms, players’ tunnel, and dugouts. Tours run daily between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, though not on matchdays or the day before a match.

Tickets for the tour can be bought at the stadium, no reservations are required. The tour costs 80 Mexican pesos.

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Relevant Internet links: – Official website of Club América. – Official website of the Mexico City tourism agency. – Website of the Mexico City metro.

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