Nuevo Mestalla

Nuevo Mestalla is the planned new stadium of Valencia CF. The project was presented at the end of 2006, with works to the stadium starting in August 2007. However, almost two years later, in February 2009, works were halted due to funding difficulties, and have yet to resume.

The stadium, which is designed by Arup, is going to have a capacity of 75,000 seats. Especially notable is its exterior consisting of 22,500 overlapping aluminium elements that are said to represent Valencia’s districts and the river Turia.

The stadium project had an original budget of €240 million, but it is estimated that at this moment €150 million is needed to complete the project. The main framework of the stadium has already been finished.

The new stadium is being constructed on a site towards the north of Valencia, not far from Palacio de Congresos in an area with many new developments, about 2.5 kilometres from Valencia’s city centre and 4 kilometres north-west from Valencia’s current stadium Estadio Mestalla.

In December 2011 the mayor of Valencia and chairman of the club announced that an agreement had been reached with main creditor Bankia, and that works were to resume in 2012 and expected to finish two years later. Some aspects of the project have been changed though, among which the roof structure which will now be of illuminating blue glass.


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